99. Litchfield Group, Derwent Works, Matlock Road, Ambergate. A number of rare and unusual lanterns exist inside this factory compound - including a GEC ZD10839 multi-lamp fitting. Other lanterns in the vicinity are all top-entry fittings mounted to unsleeved 5 m Stanton columns. These fittings appear to be equipped for running 250 Watt mercury lamps so they are clearly mounted at the wrong height! All of the concrete columns have had their doors removed and placed alongside - it looks as if they may have been disconnected anyway. One column cannot have its door refitted as the ballast is deeper than the column's base compartment!

A big thank-you goes to the very kind security staff at the factory for allowing me to take these photographs.

The 250 Watt lanterns look very industrial in their design - most are missing their bowls. The clips look very similar to the ones employed on the 1980s' versions of the Thorn Alpha 8 and Beta 79; however, the units may be Philips HRB 'Area' fittings from the 1960s - thanks to everyone who suggested this option.


The columns were all showing signs of spalling - though some looked more severe than others:


This lantern by the front gate appears to be the only one on the site to retain its bowl - and even that has been taped on! The base compartment was full of snails - nice!


This example (on the other side of the entrance) is also spalling quite badly. Again, snails are very prevalent in the base compartment!


The base compartment of this column is void of gear components - possibly an MBFT lamp is employed here.


One lantern is different from the rest - it is possibly a GEC model as the bowl is similar to one used on their Clearmain lantern. This is also the column with the large ballast installed in the base. The door can be seen on the adjacent wall.


The ZD10839 is mounted quite low - the column is about 8 m high (although it may be to an imperial gauge). A twin-door arrangement is employed in order for there to be enough space for the individual lamp circuits.


One of the buildings appears to have an ELECO HW-720 lantern mounted to it:

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