Local CU Phosco P851s

Phosco's mid-sized P851 LED lantern started being installed in Derbyshire towards the end of 2014. By then, the UK market for LED lanterns was very well saturated; a very different picture from only a few years prior to this, when LED lanterns were still relatively uncommon.

This unusual triple-bracketed column is installed in the centre of the 'Clock' roundabout in Woodville. Owing to the design of this junction (and the high traffic volume that passes through it daily), maintaining the previous lighting installed at this position (an older column, again fitted with a triple bracket and three Thorn Alpha 8 lanterns) was a difficult and expensive procedure. Therefore, replacing the installation completely, using lantern technology that should last longer than traditional discharge lamp sources allow, whilst also using less energy, was an obvious move to make.


The triple bracket allows for three separate views of a P851 to be enjoyed simultaneously...and yes, my eye was drawn to the grub screw that hasn't been tightened on the right-hand lantern as well!


Six LEDs are visible in this lantern's optic; a further six are installed on the opposite side of the reflector.


This P851 is located on the A6015 New Mills Road in Hayfield, at its junction with Station Road.

Curiously, the rear of this lantern has been sprayed with white paint, and a message concerning the lantern being left 'here' on the 22nd April 2015 scrawled on the column spigot adaptor - unless the lantern was trying to helpful by providing directional details to a visitor on that date, by telling them to take a left turn at this point. I can see the logic, though; doing so would take the unsuspecting visitor up the rather bumpy track that is Morland Road, and beyond the Alpha 1 seen in  Survivor from the Past article 161!


This underside view of the lantern demonstrates the 'webbing' surrounding the optic area; a means of providing an efficient heat sink for the temperature-sensitive LEDs.


The lantern's power rating (74 W) is provided on a label attached to the spigot adaptor.


As well as being used for one-off replacements, the P851 was also employed on some whole-road relighting schemes. The examples below are located on Chesterfield Road in Holmewood. They replaced (mostly) GEC Z9454 90 W SOX lanterns that were fitted to life-expired 8 m tubular steel columns.


The lantern can be set at several tilt positions; the grub screws that allow the tilt to be set can be seen here, in addition to those that secure the lantern to the column.


The new columns have been installed at the same positions that their predecessors were.


Additional heat sinking exists immediately above the lantern's optic.






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