Local Thorn Triumphs

No, this page is not dedicated to the many lucrative contracts that Thorn received for supplying lanterns to Derbyshire in the 1980s and 1990s - it is instead for the actual Triumph lantern, which, ironically, is not a very common lantern in the area! The Triumph lantern is available in two sizes - the Triumph 1 being the smaller version, and the Triumph 2 (astoundingly!) being the larger.

These Triumph 1 lanterns are installed on the nowadays stopped-up section of Hasland Road in Chesterfield. Despite being installed at the relatively low mounting height of 6 m, the lanterns run 150 W metal halide lamps.


The elliptical arc tube can be seen within the tubular lamp.


This column is situated at the junction of where the through part of Hasland Road is redirected to the busy A617 dual carriageway.


The length of these lanterns creates a somewhat odd sense of scale when fitted to a bracket with an outreach of similar length.


The Triumph 1 is a prominent lantern on footpaths leading to, and passing through, Derby's Pride Park area; indeed, my own example was removed from this location, as evidenced by the distinctive bright red paint finish that is applied to all of the street furniture in this area.


A SELC 841 photocell is fitted here. Notice how low the lamp is set in the lantern's optic - it is actually situated below the reflector! Seeing as the lamps in the other Triumphs along this footpath were in the same position, I assume that this setting is intentional.


The lamp's low position has brought it in close proximity to the polycarbonate bowl, resulting in a slight scorch mark appearing.


A number of Triumph 2s, each running a 250 W SON-T lamp, were installed on the Derby City Council-owned part of the A52 dual carriageway in 2003. The lanterns replaced Philips MA 60 180 W SOX fittings, with the idea being to reduce maintenance visits on this particularly awkward section of road for undertaking any sort of repair. Following column replacements in November 2011 as part of Derby's Street Lighting PFI, the Triumphs installed along this road disappeared; the new columns being fitted with Philips Iridiumē lanterns (the 'updated for 2011' version of the company's regular Iridium lantern).

The photograph below, taken in May 2003, shows a couple of the Triumph 2s intended for the A52, just before installation. The lanterns are pictured in Derby City Council's Stores Road Highways depot, which served as the City's Street Lighting depot prior to the commencement of the PFI. New twin-arm brackets were fabricated locally, for use on the scheme. An out-of-service Philips Trafficvision lantern is visible alongside the Triumphs, whilst the gear section from an SGS 253 'Iridium' lantern can be seen to the left of the bracket's column spigot.






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