GEC Z3430

Lantern acquired in April 2004.

This lantern came off one of the high masts on the ring road. It is in need of a good clean, but isn't in too bad a condition. The Z3430s are not the original lanterns - when the high masts were first put up, 1kW mercury lanterns were used, but as SON became popular, they were replaced.

From above, the amount of dirt can be seen. The adaptor on the back allows a thicker bracket to be fitted. The lamp can be adjusted in order that the main beam is concentrated on any angle. Currently, the positioning is set to about 80 degrees, although in the picture it is about at 90 degrees. The green tint to the picture is because I had the Atlas Alpha 3 on whilst taking it.

The underside is much the same. Somewhere in the lamp area is a small spider which must be able to fit through the tiniest of gaps! The date on the shoe (1-8-97) was when the lantern was fitted with new gear.

The original GEC ballast and ignitor were replaced on this date with Thorn ones. The terminal block has come loose from being fixed to the shoe at some stage, but I can easily secure it again.

The following day, I set to work to clean the Z3430. Armed with a cloth dipped in full concentrate Exodus, I managed to get a great deal of the grime off the canopy and shoe. Now that the canopy is clean, the many dints and scratches can be seen. At least it looks as if it's had a bit of use now!

The underside of the Z3430 came up well too. The Exodus made the writing fade slightly; although it is obviously still there. I am trying to keep it if possible, in order that I can remember when the repairs were carried out without having to look at the gear - though I could, of course, just look back at these photographs!

The high masts were replaced in November 2009, as part of the Derby Street Lighting PFI. The new masts and lanterns were supplied by CU Phosco.

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