Urbis ZX1 (2006)

Lantern acquired in May 2007.

This lantern is another from eBay, and as a result is also brand new. There are several differences between it and my other ZX1 - the most obvious being that this one is finished entirely in black whereas the other is two-tone grey. With production of the ZX1 finally ceasing in early 2007 (in order to make way for the production of the similar ZXU1), new examples will become increasingly difficult to find and so I decided to purchase one whilst they were still fairly common!

If you hold your mouse cursor over the highlighted photographs, the photograph will change for the equivalent one showing the earlier version - in this way, both lanterns can be compared.

A big box...whatever could be inside?

A very well packaged ZX1 of course!

Packaged in a small box beneath the lantern were these curios.

With the bubblewrap removed, the 'curios' can now be identified as a lamp, photocell and post-top adaptor. This is a 'VT60' adaptor which means that another adaptor is required for it to fit on 76 mm diameter columns - this is what the silver component beneath the VT60 is. A length of flexible conduit is provided to allow the supply cable to pass through the adaptor without becoming trapped.  This example is also fitted with a NEMA socket - something my older ZX1 does not have. Although a space for a socket is provided on the canopy, in reality it is usually fitted in the position shown above instead due to the lampholder access being in the way. The four canopy clips have been done away with on this ZX1 as the two thumbscrews on the underside of the lantern were found to be sufficient.

This example has a curved glass bowl whereas the older version has a shallow polycarbonate cover due to it being used in close proximity to a railway. The positions of where the clips would normally be can be seen on the canopy.

The reflector in this ZX1 is larger than in the other one, and the patterning is different. Apart from the very obvious colour difference between the two lanterns, the undersides of the lanterns are very similar - except for the difference in Schreder logos of course!

Internally, very little has changed over the years - the gear is now made by Philips rather than Parmar, and the connector block has moved to a location above the capacitor, but the general layout out of everything remains the same. The lantern's capacitor is dated to August 2006.


The ZX1 was mounted to a mini-column on Friday, 18th May 2007. It was then powered up.

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