Thorn Civic 2

Lantern acquired in June 2008.

After taking possession of the last Alpha 1 to be removed from Station Road in Mickleover in 2005, it seems strangely fitting that I should also acquire the first Civic 2 (the type of lantern which replaced the Alpha 1s) to be removed (a mere three years later). Presumably defective gear is to blame for this lantern's demise, although visually the components do not look to be faulty. An SGS 253 Iridium running 140 W Cosmo-White was fitted in place of the Civic.

These first couple of photographs, taken directly from the Station Road section, show the lantern when new - 10th November 2005.

 Three years later, and the lantern doesn't look quite so new any more!

The size difference between this lantern and the Civic 1 is quite apparent.

Despite the canopy being painted aluminium, corrosion has set in on the metal surrounding the NEMA socket.

Unlike my Civic 1, the bowl on this lantern does not feature the same diffused pattern in the area below the lampholder. A slight amount of diffusing is present on the edges of the bowl, however.

The IP66 sealing inside the lamp compartment has worked - the lantern still looks new in this area!

The gear area is supposed to be sealed to IP65, however the presence of cobwebs and spider eggs in this area suggests that it is actually lower! This is probably due to the sealing gland, which is notoriously difficult to fasten up, even if circular cable is used. These lanterns were all wired with 2.5 mm˛ twin and earth cable, so the gland can hardly be tightened up at all.

WRTL SRL 8 | Eclatec Elipt 55




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