AEC Globo Due

Lantern acquired in March 2006.

This post-top sphere was sold on an eBay auction, along with five others, so its original location is unknown. The lantern itself is odd as the gear tray and lamp assembly is a Thorn PTSG45 unit - this may be original, or it may have been fitted to replace a failed unit in the past. This fitting is not used on any roads locally; however I have a feeling that it may be used to light the car parks of some local retail parks.

The label explains that the gear unit is rated to IP23 - though the sphere itself may have a higher rating as there is not much dust on the inside. The lamp is surrounded by a prismatic glass refractor however there is no covering over the top of it, so light can escape upwards into the sky.

The globe is removed by loosening three screws on the underside of the lantern and then easing it out.

The gear cover is also held in place with three screws - though these are different to the ones used to secure the globe. The refractor is fixed to the cover, and with it removed, the lamp can be changed.

The Globo Due's sphere was cleaned and polished on Sunday, 25th June 2006. Once reassembled, a 76 mm column adaptor was fitted to provide stability to the lantern. Finally, it was powered up - the lamp was still a good mercury colour even though the initial deep-red start-up colour had long since disappeared.

Lantern warm-up video:

The photographs below show a Globo Due in situ...

This is one of several Globo Dues at the Kingsway Retail Park - these differ from my version in that they are fitted with louvre refractors rather than a prismatic refractor. The shop name in the background has been changed for something more interesting to avoid advertising costs!

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