Bergo 38SP

The fitting incorporates several vandal-proof features - as obviously it would normally be positioned at a level where it could be an easy target for vandals. The features include a lens guard, robust front plate and recessed anti-vandal allen screws. Unfortunately I currently do not have the correct key to open these screws and so gaining access to the inside is not possible.

The back of the fitting would be positioned in the wall of the subway - so only the front would normally be visible. There are no cable entry holes on this plate - presumably it would have to be drilled out wherever was easiest to bring the cable through.

I finally gained entry into the fitting on Tuesday, 26th September 2006 - using the wrong tool for the job! The following photographs show the components being fitted:

Four holes were drilled into the back of the casing; and a 20 mm one was cut into the centre of the underside to allow me to fit a flex gland. The unit is actually level - it's just my dodgy photography skills which make it look wonky!

One look at the gear told me that the fitting was actually a lot older than I had first thought. One tube is wired on its own whilst the other two are wired in series. A capacitor is not fitted.

This label had been applied to one of the chokes - this told me the approximate age of the fitting!

A warning label was applied to the other choke.

The top two tubes are for the series circuit; the bottom one is the tube on its own.

The fitting was then wired up and the gear tray was secured into the casing. I then powered up and...

...Only the single tube started up. This turned out to be due to the age of the series starters used for the other circuit - the radioactive argon gas contained inside them had depleted over the years; and was now not sufficient enough for the tubes to strike. I found that if left for a while, the tubes would light; but this only happened on occasion.

Two other series starters (borrowed from the Haldo Shearbak) were then fitted and this time, all three tubes lit after a few seconds of power being applied.

The front cover was then re-fitted and the light output dropped significantly due to the grille.

It's quite hypnotic really!

Interestingly, the anti-vandal allen screws are imperial - something (these days especially) which would make them even more difficult to loosen!

Lamp operation video:

To see an example of the 38SP in use, click here.




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