12JCB. Poynders Parade, Clapham, London Borough of Lambeth. Thanks to Alex Monk for informing me of these Survivors. Installed along this parade of shops is a rather curious lighting setup, with ELECO HW-505 lanterns attached to 15 ft Concrete Utilities 'Byway' columns and 'Arc 3' top-entry brackets, being joined by newer 5 m hockeystick columns that support NVC 'Belfry Mini' LED lanterns. Previously, the hockeystick columns supported Urbis ZX1s, which did work - clearly, the memo to remove the concrete columns was lost at some point, resulting in their remaining indefinitely after the new columns were installed! Indeed, at the time of photographing, the parade was being prepared for redevelopment, with contractors installing wooden hoardings around the area, meaning that this rather unique installation was captured for prosperity just in time.

The first column from Plummer Road is seen below.

The contrast between the two installations is vast, though at least both share a curved bracket design.

For saying that the hockeysticks were in place by 2008, and didn't look new then, I wonder how many years both columns have stood beside each other.

This particular HW-505 was still fitted with a lamp.

Peering through one of the access gates allowed another of the two sets of columns to be seen.

The 'new' column here supported two ZX1s previously; however, only one LED lantern was fitted, with the second limb of the double-arm bracket being left unused.

The final installation was outside the derelict Bank of Swans pub. Notice the Thorn SONPak floodlight attached to the building.

Here, the double-arm bracket did receive two lanterns when the ZX1s were swapped, though the pub sign behind would have ensured that this portion of the footway was well lit anyway (until the pub closed down, at any rate)!

The same two columns, from a different vantage point.

Both the lamp support, and the lamp itself, are missing from this HW-505.

Despite the long abandonment, the lanterns are in (surprisingly) good, intact condition.

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