13. King's Bromley, Staffordshire. Thanks to Claire Pendrous for informing me of this Survivor. Located on the junction of Lichfield Road and Alrewas Road is a 1930s' Revo Leicester lantern attached to a wooden pole by means of an ornate cast iron bracket. The lantern today features discoloured translucent polycarbonate panels, although originally, the individual facets would have been glass. Additional modifications include the use of a high pressure sodium (SON) lamp instead of a mercury (originally MA/V and latterly MBF) lamp, and the fitting of a miniature photocell to the lantern's canopy.


The bracket includes provision for a conduit connection - notice that the lower part of it contains a horizontal-facing ring; this is where the conduit would run. As can be seen, one of the lantern's glazing panels is hinged, allowing access to the lantern's interior.


The modern minicell can just be seen facing upwards on the left-hand side of the canopy, near the centre of the lantern.


Two threaded rods allow the bracket to clamp to the wooden pole.


Located a little further down the pole is a cast iron enclosure (also made by Revo) that houses the lamp control gear. The yellow paint mark across the front of the box indicates the presence of asbestos within it - probably within the door sealing gasket.


A transparent glazing panel is fitted in one of the lantern facets; this reveals a 250 Watt SON-T lamp.

Back in May 2003, the first column on Alrewas Road was an un-sleeved Stanton 10F concrete fitted with a GEC Z8896 lantern.

The lantern was removed shortly after this photograph was taken - an WRTL 2600 is now fitted. These pictures, taken in May 2015, show the difference.


The modern lantern looks somewhat out of place when attached to the un-sleeved concrete column.


For every Z8896 that disappears, another is found. By chance, I spotted a wall-mounted example a little further along Alrewas Road, and decided to picture it for posterity.


This lantern may still run a mercury lamp - the discoloured polycarbonate bowl will do a wonderful job of highlighting the adjacent traffic calming!


Underside view.


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