165B. Cattle Market / High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Attached to the 1842 Palladian-styled Town Hall are three wall brackets (perhaps, dating from the same period), with two supporting 1930s' ESLA lanterns; the third supporting a 1950s' GEC 'Small Oxford' lantern from the Z5540 range (the exact type would depend on the lamp for which it was configured). Sadly, neither of the ESLAs are fitted with lamps any longer, and so the GEC may, similarly, not be in operation either. The lanterns are likely to have been retained, even in their disused state, as the Town Hall carries Grade II* listing.

The first of the two ESLAs is a three-way version, and is mounted to a corner bracket.

The silvering on many of the mirrored facets is damaged, and some of the facets have disappeared completely.

A series of cable ties hangs from the bracket, although they do not appear to have been anything to do with the light itself.

The second ESLA, a two-way example, is situated in the centre of the Tuscan portico.

The silvering to this lantern's facets are in poor condition too, although all are intact.

The bayonet lampholder remains in place in the centre of the lantern.

The Z5540 is also on a corner bracket; however, this bracket is turned the other way around, in order to accommodate its swan neck bracket. A bowl-less Thorn Alpha 8 is visible behind.

The glass refractor bowl fitted is the smaller version of the type seen on my Clearmain / Difractor lantern.

Aside from needing cleaning, the bowl is intact.

As well as the bowl having its own refractors, there appears to be an internal refractor ring within the lantern too.

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