The ESLA in Winter 2021

The afternoon of Sunday, 24th January saw heavy snow showers fall for several hours. Unusually, the southern parts of Derbyshire were affected far more severely than the northern parts were, when normally, the opposite is true. The following pictures were taken throughout this period.

The lantern had received a reasonable covering by two o'clock.

Just over an hour later, things were progressing well...

By 4PM, a thick blanket covered most surfaces.

A veritable dollop had gathered on the lantern half an hour later.

Meanwhile, this was the first time that the young whippersnapper Thorn Isaro Pro-S 8 Watt LED lanterns on my road had been exposed to snow, following the replacement of the Philips MI 26 35 Watt SOX lanterns in 2019 - their flat tops serving as handy shelves, which then covered the photocells and caused the lanterns to activate early.

Approaching 5PM...

Thankfully, by 6PM, the snow had stopped falling, but there was a lot of what had!

The next morning, the original icicles had grown, and had been joined by others. At this point, I thought that the ESLA had transposed the 'S' and 'L' in its name, and was about to break into a rendition of "Let it Go"!

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