GEC F64040

This very industrial-looking fitting dates from 1973 according to an etch on the bowl - making it the oldest unit in the collection to date. However, as with the majority of the other bulkheads in collection, it has never been used. Whilst the design is similar to the Coughtrie fitting, the actual diameter of this unit is much smaller.

The bulkhead arrived in its original box - though I've never heard of "Glass Industrial Lighting" for some reason!

A hexagonal cardboard tube fits around the bowl to protect it in transit - not that it needs it as the glass is very tough thanks to its thickness.

I can't help feeling that I've seen that pattern of bowl before...somewhere!

Possibly an earlier GEC design..? The metalwork is painted in a hammered grey finish. Whilst all of the other entries have been plugged with (the imperial equivalent of) 20 mm stoppers, this one is left open - presumably to reduce on materials which would later be discarded. If this entry was not required, the stopper could be removed from one of the entries which was being used and fitted here instead.

The rear of the bulkhead is completely plain - without even a GEC logo - obviously this part of the bulkhead would ordinarily be against a wall and so putting the logo here would mean that it would never be seen!

The bulkhead does not contain any internal wiring of its own - the lampholder is used as the sole termination point for the live and neutral wires.


The bulkhead was powered up on Tuesday, 21st August 2007. A low-wattage tungsten lamp is fitted. Notice how the refractors prevent most of the light from escaping directly forwards.

Moving slightly to one side and suddenly what appears to be a lot more visible light is produced.




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