Local Urbis ZX3s

A large number of ZX3 lanterns can be found on Derby's Outer Ring Road, the A5111, following the replacement in 2004 of many of the lighting columns on the section between the Kingsway ("Grand Canyon") roundabout at its junction with the A38, and the Raynesway interchange at its junction with the A6. This work excluded Osmaston Park Road, as this had already been relit with ZX3s in the late 1990s / early 2000s; at the time, the A5111 was still a trunk road, and so its column identification numbers are prefixed "T". By the time that the 2004 scheme commenced, maintenance of the road had switched to Derby City Council, and so the new columns are prefixed "DY". Apart from the A5111 examples, the ZX3 is not a common lantern in Derbyshire. My own example of this lantern was installed for the 2004 scheme; its column was struck by a vehicle soon after installation; the replacement column being fitted with a Holophane QSM lantern.

The new columns and brackets installed for the 2004 scheme were all supplied by Stainton. All columns are either 8 m or 10 m in height (depending on the road width), with either a single or double-arm bracket fitted. This single-arm example is located opposite Kingsway Hospital.


The lanterns all run a 150 Watt SON-T lamp. This particular example is switched using a Royce Thompson SC 1000 70 Lux photocell; the type originally specified for Derby's Street Lighting PFI.


Many of the A5111's lighting columns are positioned within the central reservation; necessitating the use of double-arm brackets; this example is on Warwick Avenue.


Both of these lanterns retain their original Zodion SS5 photocells.


More double-arm examples can be seen on Manor Road.


A short length of support webbing reduces the strain on the weld securing the outreach bracket to the spigot cap.


Looking in the opposite direction.


The lanterns all feature low profile curved glass bowls.


A small number of ZX3s exist as 'casual replacements' for damaged Thorn Pilote T2 lanterns on the A516 Mickleover bypass.


At the time of photographing in July 2015, this lantern must have been a relatively recent replacement - notice that the plastic canopy still retains a noticeable shine.


The A6 Alvaston Bypass opened in December 2003, and ZX3s again provided the lighting. Three of the columns installed were located beneath high voltage overhead electricity conductors, with the result that they were considerably shorter than the rest were, in order to provide sufficient clearance between them and the conductors.


The columns are also base hinged, in order to allow all maintenance to be undertaken from ground level.


The installations have something of a top-heavy appearance to them, owing to the size of the lanterns.


The front section of the canopy was missing from one lantern at the time of photographing, in November 2015.






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