Crompton Robust (Opal cover)

Another popular SOX bulkhead; the Robust was one of Crompton's 'famous' designs. It could either be used with SOX or fluorescent lamps and had the option of having a clear or opal bowl. This example features the latter type, however I also have a clear-bowled example in the Collection; click here for details.

Despite the opalescent nature of the cover, the lamp can still be glimpsed from within the bulkhead. As with the version fitted with a transparent cover, this bulkhead's cover is similarly secured by means of two anti-vandal bolts.

The Robust is capable of accommodating 35 W SOX lamps as well as 18 W lamps - notice the alternative position for the lampholder beneath the lamp.

With the reflector removed (and the bulkhead rotated through 180 degrees), the gear can be seen. Prior to entering the collection, 20 mm diameter cable entry holes had been drilled into both the rear, and centre of the longest side. As I was not going to re-use either of these two cable holes, closed grommets were fitted in order to plug the holes.

A minor difference between this bulkhead and the version fitted with a transparent cover is that a sticker is applied to this fitting's lampholder, which reminds people carrying out maintenance to only use Crompton-branded lamps...I can't help thinking that such instructions are seldom followed!

The fitting was powered up on Saturday, 20th February 2010. The arc tube's central position within the bulkhead is evident here.

Lamp warm-up video:

Testing the fitting with my energy monitoring device revealed the following results:

Test Voltage (V) Current being drawn at full power (A) Measured wattage (W) Apparent Power (VA) Frequency (Hz) Power Factor True Power (W)
242.8 0.12 25 29 49.8 0.86 25.06




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