Truesigns T8P/54

This is my first signlight to have been used on a street. It had probably been in use for about nine years when it was removed, but was still in a good condition inside and out. T8Ps seem to have been used in the mid 1990s wherever a new signlight was required.

The signlight came with a bracket for mounting to the side of a column. The bracket has some surface rust, but it will be kept. The cover is scratched, dirty and yellowing but this can be expected considering that the signlight has probably been running day in, day out since about 1995! The starter switch on the left hand side is probably original as it is quite yellowed as well. However, the starter on the right hand side is obviously much newer.

The canopy is plastic, and years of being outdoors have had their effect on it - it feels quite rough, and the Truesigns sticker (which would have been in the centre of the canopy) has worn away.

The gear tray is hinged, allowing easy maintenance. I had to refit the capacitor, starter holders and fuse carriers but eventually all necessary work had been completed. The ballasts have some rust on them, but they work nonetheless.

After a thorough cleaning with Exodus and T-Cut polish, the cover began to look much better.

The ballasts give out a dull humming noise when working - this is down to age and also probably could be also attributed to the permanent running when in proper use.

An example of this type of signlight in situ can be seen below:

This particular T8P still has its sticker on the canopy - meaning that it is likely to be newer than my one is.

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