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A Stock Destination Blind A Stock Luggage Racks A62 Stock Tread Plate A Stock Car Diagram (2011)


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A train of A60/A62 Surface Stock calls at Wembley Park with a service to Baker Street. (22nd October 2008)

Travelling on an otherwise deserted A Stock between Amersham and Chalfont & Latimer, we see the very spacious area that formerly served as a guard’s position. (23rd October 2008)

A Stock unit 5118-6118-6119-5119 awaits departure from Chesham, in the days when the off-peak four-car shuttle service ran. As the train prepares to depart, a late-boarding passenger with a bicycle manages to become trapped in the doors; hence, why they have to re-open. (23rd October 2008)

Travelling between Chalfont & Latimer and Chesham in the days when a four-car shuttle provided the off-peak connection to and from Chesham. On the day of filming, A60 unit 5118-6118-6119-5119 was employed along this route. The very rural feel of the branch is clearly evident. (23rd October 2008)

A60 Unit 5118-6118-6119-5119 is seen terminating at the now-defunct bay platform at Chalfont & Latimer station; having traversed the single line branch from Chesham. (23rd October 2008)

A southbound A Stock train headed for Baker Street calls at Chalfont & Latimer, having originated at Amersham. (23rd October 2008)

We travel in A60 Stock car 5045 on a Baker Street-bound service out of Amersham. (23rd October 2008)

Having left the reversal siding, an eight-car A Stock train (with A60 unit 5044-6044-6045-5045 leading) arrives at the southbound platform at Amersham with a service to Baker Street. Meanwhile, a terminating A Stock train in the adjacent platform heads into the vacated reversal siding. (23rd October 2008)

Various creaks are emitted from an A Stock train’s buffer interfaces on the journey between Chalfont & Latimer and Amersham. (16th April 2009)

The distinctive sound of an A62 Stock’s Reavell air compressor is heard between Amersham and Chalfont & Latimer. Gaps in the conductor rails temporarily halt the compressor’s action, but it immediately starts operating again, once the supply is restored. (16th April 2009)

An A Stock train calls at Chalfont & Latimer on a fast service to Baker Street. (16th April 2009)

Travelling between Finchley Road and Baker Street, the saloon lighting fades on and off as power to motor alternators is lost and regained over gaps in the conductor rails. (16th April 2009)

A train of S8 Surface Stock prepares to depart Baker Street for an ‘all stations’ service to Watford. (27th July 2011)

Interior view of an S8 Surface Stock train as it travels north from Baker Street to Finchley Road. (27th July 2011)

Detail of the ‘moving floor’ in the articulated section of an S8 Surface Stock train. (27th July 2011)

A train of S8 Surface Stock headed for Watford arrives at Wembley Park, and I alight. (27th July 2011)

A train of S8 Surface Stock headed for Watford departs Wembley Park. (27th July 2011)

A southbound train of S8 Surface Stock detrains at Wembley Park before running empty to Neasden Depot. (27th July 2011)

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