Haldo Ecco (with Signature 'Superior' Base Light)

Both this bollard shell and its base light are unused. Despite the two different manufacturers, the units are compatible, thanks to the universal dimensions shared by all base-lit bollards. This is my first bollard to incorporate an integral photocell - I am interested to see how accurate this is as base light photocells usually rely on the amount of Infra-red light falling on them, rather than visible light with regular photocells. Square-based 'keep-left' and 'plain aspect' Haldo bollards are very common in Derby, though Signature shells are less so.

The Ecco is made of a flexible plastic although it is not as pliable as the Simmonsigns Simbol bollard shell. The front and sides have rectangular orange/yellow graphics whilst the back is plain. A single reflective strip is fitted to the front graphic.

The base light's lid is secured by a single tri-head bolt although the spaces for a further two can be seen on either side - blanked out with rubber seals. This is actually the 'back' of the unit - not that the orientation will affect the bollard's optical performance! The SELC 101-B minicell can be seen between the two 11 W lamps.

With the bolt removed, the cover hinges back and the glazing panel can be removed. Two plastic handles are positioned on either side of the gear tray to allow access to the wiring.

The cell works by sensing infrared light - it is not affected by the visible light given off by the lamps.

The lamps run on individual ballasts although a single capacitor is wired in parallel with both circuits.

A small backboard is fitted inside the base light in order for a cutout to be fitted.

At first, nothing happened when I powered the base light up but after a few seconds, the lamps started up.


I then placed the bollard shell on top of the base light to see how things looked - surprisingly, it didn't appear to be lit very uniformly - though this might be due to the inside of the shell being quite dirty.

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