Philips MI 8

Lantern acquired in March 2005.

The original location for this lantern is unknown, but it was used in the City Council area. I can't think of the locations of any for now, but that isn't surprising as I don't think that the lantern was made for long. This lantern should not be confused with the MI 80, another lantern made by Philips, despite the fact that both can accommodate a 55 W SOX lamp. This lantern may have been 55 W in the past, but it was 35 W when removed, and looks as if it had been for at least a few of its latter years. This lantern is also known as the CU Phosco P224.

The lantern is in need of a very good clean, but apart from that, it is in a generally good condition.

The shape of the lantern is not dissimilar to that of the GR100.

The gasket around the bowl has come away in places, meaning that dust and moisture has been able to enter the lantern.

Opening the bowl shows a real mess of cables entering the lantern. The fragments of plastic at the other end are the remains of one of the terminal blocks - the plastic has perished from the years of heating. The rest of the terminal block is also very brittle and will be replaced for safety.

With a lamp fitted, the length of the lantern becomes obvious. The mark left by a 55 W lamp can still be seen at the end of the lantern, so one has definitely been used in the lantern in the past.

A spare bowl came with the lantern in case the existing bowl cannot be used for whatever reason.

The bowl still has its manufacturer's label in place - this will be left there as it would probably not come off in one piece, having been on there for so long.

The MI 8's gear consists a very new Parmar ignitor-ballast and GEC capacitor. The original ballast was probably the GEC version, the Z1616.

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