11A. All Saint's Church, Uttoxeter Road, Mickleover. Situated on a footpath leading from the church grounds to the former Woodlands Hospital (built at Mickleover Manor) are two 5 m Stainton sheet steel columns supporting GEC Z9536 55 Watt SOX lanterns; one of which exists as a vandalised shell, but the other remains intact (albeit, in very grubby condition). Neither installation has worked in a long time, but may have been installed when the hospital existed, given the similarity in these installations to those seen at the former Pastures Hospital nearby.

The vandalised example is situated alongside a short flight of steps leading to the church's car park from Etwall Road. The lampholder is hanging out of the lantern by its wires.

The second column is to be found within the woodland area that gave the hospital its name. I assume that the footpath continued below the column in the past, but this has disappeared completely in the intervening years, following the hospital's closure and conversion to apartments.

The lantern's bowl isn't fitted quite correctly towards the back; hence, the presence of detritus within the bowl. Remarkably, the lamp appears to be intact in this lantern.

At the other end of the public footpath, on the roadway leading to the Manor from Ladybank Road, was this 15 ft Concrete Utilities 'Byway' column supporting a Z9539 (the top-entry, integral gear version of the Z9536) - it was removed towards the end of the 2000s when an extra property was built, and this patch of land became the garden. This installation was likely to be older than the columns seen above were. Nothing remained in the column base by the time that these pictures were taken in July 2006.

Curiously, the gear tray is short on this lantern - ordinarily, they extend above the full length of the lamp. One likely theory is that, by the time that this particular Z9539 was produced, GEC had gone over to using the Z1616 ballast, which is smaller, allowing the gear tray to be shortened (as seen with my Z9538). A NEMA socket, minus any photocell, may also exist towards the front of the lantern.

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