Lantern acquired in November 2004.

This is the side entry (and fibreglass canopied) version of the Z9539. Although it has the OSRAM badge, it is no different to the GEC version. It has never been used on a road - so guess where it has been stored since being delivered! This lantern is very common around Derbyshire, although they usually have the gear in the lantern, which this particular example does not have.

The box that the Z9536 came in (believe it or not!). The cardboard hadn't been subjected to heavy rain, as the SRL35's box had, been so it was still firm.

I noticed on the label that a polycarbonate bowl was included - this would be interesting, as I hadn't seen a clear Z6837 bowl before - normally, they are yellowed from years of UV degradation. The "I.D. code", located top-right on the label, appears to provide the lantern's manufacturing date code, although the second letter of the code is obscured (the third letter, 'P', does not relate to the date). The first letter, Y, identifies the lantern has having been made in 1991, which would tally with it carrying OSRAM branding, rather than GEC - a year earlier saw GEC sell off its street lighting division.

Sure enough, when I removed the lantern from the box, the bowl was crystal clear.

The canopy is very shiny compared to fibreglass canopies that have been outside for long periods of time. Two things to notice here - firstly that the space for the NEMA socket breaks up the smooth lines of the bracket entry, suggesting that it isn't part of an original design. (A small hole has been drilled in this space in order that a two part cell could be fitted - this, to me, shouldn't have been done, as it would mean that the hole would have to be filled in if the lantern was to be time or group switched.) The second thing to notice is that the GEC logo has been blanked out from the front of the canopy.

This view shows just how bare the lantern looks when gear is not installed.

Once the bowl is removed, an unused thread can be seen - this would support the gear tray, along with the in-use thread on the other side.

A close-up of the lantern's label - proving that it is definitely the Osram version.

The lantern was mounted to an AC Ford AC872 wall bracket on Friday, 19th August 2005. A Zodion SS55 detector was fitted to plug the hole in the canopy.

It was then powered up on Saturday, 27th August.

Lantern warm-up video:


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