185a. Weighbridge Road, Deeside Industrial Park Thanks to fellow collector Arlen Moulton for informing me of these Survivors. Situated at the end of the accessible service road are a number of abandoned Stanton 1805 concrete columns supporting the remains of CU Phosco P224 / Philips MI 8 55 Watt SOX lanterns. Two of the columns appear to have been positioned to light a former footpath, while the rest were installed around a now-disused car park area. The lights are not in particularly good condition, with most of the lanterns having been vandalised, and the majority of the aluminium inspection doors from the columns having been stolen; presumably, for their scrap value.

The first two columns are seen behind a security fence. Contrary to the signage applied to the fence, I stopped and waited whilst taking these pictures, the rebel that I am, although I did not smoke during this period!


The lamp control gear was hanging out of the base of the foreground column.


The lanterns are fitted to very short outreach brackets.


The door to the other column in this area was still on site - just on the ground to the side of the column.


The brackets situate the lanterns at quite a sharp tilt, although still within the 20 degree maximum permitted angle for SOX lamps being run cap-down.


The columns are spaced quite distantly apart in the former car park area.


This close-up of the lantern in the centre of the above picture shows that the bowl is missing completely. A 35 Watt lamp appears to be fitted here.


The column to the right of this one tested my camera's zoom capabilities to their maximum! Again, the bowl is missing, but a 55 Watt lamp is employed here.


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