Thorn 'SONPak 7' OT 70.T

New and unused, this example of the SONPak fitting dates from 1983, and the evolution from my 1982 example towards my 1985 and 1990 examples are apparent.


Unlike the other three examples already in the Collection by the time that this SONPak was acquired, the original box was used for the transportation of this example.


The SONPak was part of Thorn's 'Sentinel' range in the 1980s; the same range that the Precinct bulkhead was part of. The date shown below the Sentinel label (19th September 1983 - a Monday) is likely to have been when the floodlight was packed. Just shy of 28 years later, the floodlight would enter the Collection.


The floodlight was a snug fit in the box; an internal length of cardboard wrapped around the mounting bracket so as to hold the floodlight still during transit. For more information on the lamp, please click here.


By the time that this floodlight was made, the aluminium casing of the 1982 version had been replaced with GRP. The single bar that the visor hinges on to, along with the information plate that is pop-riveted to the reflector, remain the same as they did on the earlier version, however.


The GRP used in this floodlight's construction is of a more matte finish than the 1990 version's bodywork is.


The reverse of the two threaded eyelets that the visor securing screws fasten into is shown here.


The same sort of tapered lampholder employed on the 1982 version was still used in 1983; by 1985, this would be replaced with the "pillar-shaped" lampholder.


This floodlight's gear is arranged the opposite way around to how the components in the 1982 version are. The capacitor is dated to November 1982.


A Thorn G53320.T ballast is fitted to the other side of the gear tray.


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