Derby's Street Lighting PFI Contract

The Hollow (South of Hedingham Way), Mickleover

The columns being removed on this road were:

Seq. No. Lamp Number Location Lamp Type Watt Isolation Point
9 90649 OPP GAS GOVERNOR SXPL3 55 Y - Isolates 90647 and 90648


90650 UNDER A516 BRIDGE SXPL3 55  
11 90651 UNDER BRDG A516 SXPL3 55  
12 90652 ADJ NO 10 SXPL1 35  
13 90653 OS NOS 14/15 SXPL2 35  
14 90654 OS NOS 20/21 SXPL3 35  
15 90655 OS NO 27 SXPL3 35  
16 90656 OS NO 30 SXPL3 35  

Lamps 1-8 are on the North of Hedingham Way section of The Hollow.

The following photographs were taken on Saturday, 2nd October 2010.

The new columns installed along here are 8 m in height. The street nameplate at the bottom of the picture confirms that we are in the right place!

A sleeved Stanton 7 column supporting a Philips MI 26 35 W SOX lantern was first from Havenbaulk Lane. Notice the 'SL' marking on the pavement; the replacement column must have been originally proposed to be sited on this side of the road.

The MI 26's GRP canopy was badly weathered.

Only two new columns were proposed on the left-hand side of the road; this is the second.

A Thorn Beta 5 lantern was fitted to the next outgoing column. This is likely to have replaced a faulty MI 26 in the late 1990s.

A 'PFI Specification' a Royce Thompson SC1000 photocell was fitted to the Beta 5.

Deeper Beta 5 bowls always accommodated refractor prisms on the undersides; this contrasts with the shallow-bowled examples that do not feature any under-lamp refractors at all.

The existing columns were quite widely spaced; this meant that an additional column was installed in the gap between two particularly wide-spaced columns.

The next column was installed alongside its outgoing equivalent.

The MI 26's bowl catch must have failed, as a length of wire had been wrapped around the lantern in order to secure the bowl.

Another column that was not a direct replacement for any other was next. The 6 m tubular steel column supporting a Thorn Beta 2 55 W SOX was installed in the early 2000s, and replaced another sleeved Stanton 7 concrete.

The Beta 2 was fitted with a Royce Thompson Monostar 1000 photocell.

A slight dip in the footway surrounding the next new column revealed that the excavation was still to be filled with reinstatement tarmac - this may occur once the column receives a power supply.

One final MI 26 was installed on this road:

Owing to the new lantern not having been powered up at the time of photographing, dew formed on the lantern body; this temporarily steamed up the bowl. Some very fine cobwebs can just be seen attached to the MI 26.

The next two outgoing lanterns were wall-mounted to the concrete structure of the bridge supporting the A516 dual carriageway. As with the lanterns installed under the Havenbaulk Lane bridge, 5 m mid-hinged columns were fitted at either end of the bridge, and the wall-mounted equipment removed.

A GEC Z9532 was fitted to the first wall bracket. I never knew this lantern to be fitted with a photocell, so I can only assume that it was switched from elsewhere. The Z9532 is a 35 W SOX lantern; however, the records suggest that 55 W SOX lanterns were fitted here. I think that, as the Z9532 would be of a similar age to the bridge, the records are inaccurate, rather than the lanterns having been changed since 1997.

There is a marked difference in size between the Z9532 and replacement Iridium, that's for sure!

The Z9532 (and its bracket) entered the Collection on Friday, 24th December 2010. Click here for photographs.

A shallow-bowled Beta 5 was fitted to the other bracket. This probably replaced another Z9532 during the 1990s. A photocell is fitted to this lantern, although it probably doesn't act as the switching point for both lanterns.

Finally, a GEC Z9538 was installed on a 6 m column on the other side of the bridge. The column really was leaning to the extent that it appears to be in the photograph below:

The gear tray can just be glimpsed within the lantern, though the grubby and yellowed bowl does obscure some of the visibility.

The following night photograph was taken on Friday, 8th October 2010 - the SOX lighting was still operational at the time:







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