GEC 'Nightwatch' Z9532

Lantern acquired in December 2010.

This lantern was installed on a wall bracket that was attached to the wall of the bridge supporting the A516 dual carriageway on The Hollow, in Mickleover. Both the lantern and the bracket were removed from service in October 2010, following the relighting of this part of The Hollow as part of Derby's Street Lighting PFI - photographs of the work can be seen here.

The following is the inventory record for this installation, 90651. This record is as it was in 1997, when Derby City Council took control of its own street lighting repairs from the County Council.

Unique Number: 90651 Location: UNDER BRDG A516
Postcode: DE3 5DG Road: THE HOLLOW
Road Number: C170 Parish: MICKLEOVER
Sequence Number: 11 Patrol: Y06
Lamp Type: SXPL3 Wattage: 55 Watt Control Type: PE1
Lamps/Lantern: 1 Lanterns/Unit: 1 Control Setting: 3
Lantern Type: SE Lantern Manuf:   Control Gear:  
Height: 6  m Support Type: WB WALL BRACKET
Bracket Proj'n.:    m Support Finish: P PAINTED COL/SIGN/PILL/GANTRY
Bracket Type:   U/G or O/H: U UNDERGROUND
Board Code: E76 Status Code: 0 USUAL / NORMAL
Service Owner: A Is this lamp/sign an Isolation Point ?: N
EB Order number:      
No-supply sheet: 0 Isol Pt:   / Circuit:   / Seq:  


Interestingly, the record lists this as a 55 Watt lantern mounted at 6 m, when it is obviously a 35 Watt lantern mounted at approximately 5 m. A couple of similar lanterns on nearby Havenbaulk Lane did run 55 Watt lamps, however, and the records for them list the lanterns as 35 Watt, and mounted at 5 m - clearly, the two sets of records were transposed when they were originally created.

The following photographs show the installation just before it was removed. It was still operational at the time.

The lantern and bracket were destined for the skip (indeed, this is where they had been placed, pending stripping down into component parts), but fortunately, my request for the assembly to be retained arrived just in time, and everything was saved. The following pictures show the rescued equipment.

The bracket is very sturdy - it may have been designed to support a much heavier lantern than a Z9532. Some surface rust is present, but it is in generally a good condition for its age, and for the location that it was installed in.

The rear of the bracket's fixing plate is slightly rustier, having been placed up against the often-damp concrete wall of the bridge.

Although the canopy is quite grubby from being under the bridge, it was sheltered from direct rainfall, and so the fibres of the GRP canopy are not as flaky as other canopies of a similar age would be, had they been installed with the canopy facing the sky. A NEMA socket is fitted, although I do not think that it was ever used; the lantern being switched from elsewhere. The terminals were probably covered when the lantern was in service.

The bowl is not quite so fortunate - it has yellowed in the way that the bowl on every version of this type of Z9532 does!

A faint outline of the lamps that this lantern has been fitted with over the years is visible on the reflector.

The original GEC Z1616 combined ignitor and ballast has been replaced with a newer Transtar LX35/55CI unit. Some of the wires are cut due to the lantern having been prepared for stripping down.

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