Simmonsigns LUA

This third LUA is representative of the type of signlight fitting being installed in Derby following the commencement of the PFI. LED technology has now advanced to the point where it can produce enough lumens to successfully light sign plates. In theory these fittings should be pretty much 'fit and forget', although in practice this will probably not be the case and odd LEDs or controllers may occasionally fail. Simmonsigns has designed these fittings in such a way that they can be repaired with ease if this situation ever arises.

These units are delivered with a pre-installed internal photocell to further boost the lifetime of the LEDs.

A slightly patterned glazing panel is fitted in place of the clear panel used in the fluorescent versions. This is to help diffuse the intensity of the LEDs.

All components are fitted to the internal gear tray. This is cast (as opposed to simply being sheet steel or aluminium) and acts as a heat sink for the electronics.

Twelve LEDs are arranged on three circuit boards, with three on the top row, four on the middle row and five on the bottom row. The ridges on the gear tray are at different angles; allowing for the individual LEDs to focus on different parts of the sign plate. I understand that there are a number of blank spaces on each circuit board to allow for different LED configurations, depending on the size, shape and number of plates on the post.

On the other side of the gear tray are the two Philips controller units. Notice that the three circuit boards have tabs on their ends to hold them in place - these also allow the individual boards to be replaced, should the need ever arise.

A close-up of one of the controllers.

With the fitting switched on, the focusing of each individual LED becomes apparent. This photograph was taken with exactly the same lighting as the previous pictures were lit with - they appear darker as the intensity of the LEDs had to be balanced by the camera!

With the cover back in place, the 'side' LEDs appear to merge into two strips of light.

When viewed from the side, the LEDs appear a lot less intense.

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