Local Philips H/K/SGS 203s

The SGS 203 is a popular lantern all over the UK, and certainly, examples can be seen in Derbyshire. It isn't used here in great numbers, however - probably due to Thorn's Alpha 8 being a preferred choice. Wattages range from 70 W to 250 W SON although there was also a 55 W QL Induction lamp version in use, as well as the odd mercury example. The polycarbonate bowl version is the most popular around here; a few flat-glass examples exist in places, however.

The QL version (KGS 203) is shown first; this example was a one-off and was located on Enoch Stone Drive in Spondon, prior to the road being relit as part of Derby's Street Lighting PFI.


When operating, the lantern produced an output that was similar in appearance to that of a mercury vapour lamp.


Another unusual variant of the SGS 203 - these examples on a footpath off Broadway in Darley Abbey run White SON lamps.

This example can be found in a car park off Stratford Road in Chaddesden - it is running a 125 W mercury lamp. The lantern would officially therefore be a HGS 203, although it is an in-house conversion and so is probably still labelled as an SGS 203.

On the other hand, this was a 'true' HGS 203 and was always geared up to run a 125 W MBF lamp. The lighting column also supports a CCTV camera; presumably the mercury lantern was there to provide some colour rendering for the camera at night. In the background, part of the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary (as was) can be seen. Again, this lantern was later replaced as part of the Street Lighting PFI.

This freshly-installed (at the time of photographing - the 27th June 2005) 70 W SON SGS 203 is located in Hobart Close in Mickleover; replacing a concrete column of some repute. A large-scale replacement programme using WRTL Arcs began on this estate a few months after this SGS was installed; however, the lantern was retained.

This example was on the corner of Iron Gate and St Mary's Gate. The flowers to the right of both pictures are in a hanging basket - hanging from a column supporting DW Windsor Windsor!


Several flat-glass examples exist in a car park in Matlock. They are fitted to CU steel columns with long outreach brackets.

Flat-glass examples can also be found on the A608 / A609 crossroads at Morley.


A 35 Lux SELC / Westire AcRo photocell switches this lantern on and off as required.


These lanterns are original to the Fabrikat columns and brackets that support them.


A Zodion SS6 photocell rated at 55 Lux controls this lantern's operation.


This 150 W example is on a junction leading onto a sliproad for the A516. This and several others were added in order to complement the existing lighting, which consisted of Thorn Pilote T2s. The bowls have started to discolour from the UV rays emitted by the lamp.






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