1967 Tube Stock Farewell Tour

On Sunday, 15th May 2011, a special tour to commemorate over forty years' service of the outgoing 1967 Stock trains occurred. Labelled as the 'First and Last Tour', it commenced at Seven Sisters Platform 4, before briefly heading above ground to visit the Victoria line's depot at Northumberland Park. From there, the train headed back underground, and then changed over to the Piccadilly line via the crossover at Finsbury Park. Tripcocks were fitted to the train, so as to allow it to travel on lines with conventional signalling and manual train operation. The tour then headed to Uxbridge (via Hammersmith) and then travelled back to Acton Town for a journey to Ealing Broadway on the District line tracks. From Ealing Broadway, the train returned to Acton Town and travelled back to Finsbury Park along the Piccadilly line. The train then crossed back onto the Victoria line at Finsbury Park (probably the last time that a Victoria line train will ever perform such an operation), before resuming ATO operation for the final length of the journey, to Seven Sisters Platform 4 once more.

Click the image below to read a PDF copy of the commemorative booklet that was given to tour participants.

Photographs - I have split the photographs taken on the day into six pages. Clicking on any of the thumbnails in each row will take you to the corresponding photograph page.


Videos - all of my videos filmed during the tour can be watched by clicking the YouTube players displayed below:

Train 767 arrives at Seven Sisters Platform 4 at the start of the tour.

Travelling to Northumberland Park Depot (1).

Travelling to Northumberland Park Depot (2).

Travelling to Northumberland Park Depot (3).

Departing Northumberland Park Depot.

Arriving at Seven Sisters.

Having transferred across to the Piccadilly line, we pass Arsenal station.

Passing Ealing Common Depot (westbound).

Travelling westbound through Eastcote en route to Uxbridge.

During our lunchbreak at Uxbridge, a couple of pre-recorded announcements are played out.

During our lunchbreak at Uxbridge, I visited what would form the leading cab of the train and politely asked whether the driver would play a couple of the pre-recorded announcements, which he kindly did.

Passing Ealing Common Depot again - eastbound, this time.

At Acton Town, participants on the tour were offered the choice of remaining on the train during its time in the reversal siding, or alighting, and waiting on the platform. I chose the latter option. This view allowed the differences in cab design between the 1967 and 1973 Tube Stocks to be appreciated.

Having reversed in the siding to the east of the station, the train re-enters service in Acton Town Platform 1.

Various destinations are shown during the stop-over at Ealing Broadway.

Departing from District line side of Ealing Broadway.

Travelling past the eastbound Piccadilly line platform at Gloucester Road.

Approaching the northbound crossover at Finsbury Park.

Whilst traversing the crossover, we experience a very brief 'stealth' period as the saloon lights are accidentally extinguished.

Having transferred back onto the Victoria line via the crossover at Finsbury Park, we travel in ATO to the arrival-only platform at Seven Sisters.

Having de-trained its passengers at Seven Sisters, the train heads back to Northumberland Park Depot at the end of the tour.




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