Derby's Street Lighting PFI Contract

Uttoxeter Road, Mickleover (Part One)

The equipment being removed consisted of the following items in 1997:

Seq. No. Lamp Number Location Lamp Type Watt Isolation Point
2 28120 ON BRIDGE ABOVE A38 N/A N/A Y - ISOLATES 36432
(No equipment listed for sequence numbers 3-5)
6 107117 O/S NO 221 N/A N/A Y
7 107118 OS NO 366 N/A N/A Y
(No equipment listed for sequence number 8)
10 36393 OS NO 2 SXP3 135  
11 36394 O/S MIDLAND BANK SXP3 135  
12 36395 OPP NEW WORLD SXPL3 135  
13 36396 OS ROWDITCH FURNIS SXP3 135  
14 36397 O/S 'VINE INN P.H. SXPL2 135  
15 36398 ON RBT OS NATWEST SXPL2 135  
17 36400 ON ISLAND O/S FINA SXPL3 135  
19 36402 OS 'NAGS HEAD' PH SXP3 135  
20 36403 OS ENT TO CENTRE SXP3 135  
21 36404 OS NO 37 SXP3 135  
22 36405 OPP NO 45/JNC SLIP SXP3 135  
23 36406 OS NO 53 SXP3 135  
24 36407 OS NO 50 SXPL3 135  
25 36408 OS NO 69 SXP3 135  
26 36409 O/S NO 64 SXPL3 135  
27 36410 JNC FP TO TELFORD SXP3 135 Y - ISOLATES 97894 AND 97893 (On Telford Close)
28 36411 OS NO 80 SXP3 135  
29 36412 OS TELEPHONE XCHNG SXP3 135  
30 36413 ADJ NO 88 SXP3 135  
31 36414 O/S NO 90 SXP3 135  
32 36415 JNC CAVENDISH WY SXP3 135  
33 36416 OPP 2 BRIERFIELD WY SXPL3 135  
34 36417 OPP BRIERFIELD WY SXP3 135  
35 36418 OS NO 160 SXP3 135  
36 36419 OS NO 213 SXP3 135  
37 36420 OPP NOS 217/219 SXP3 135  
38 36421 CNR STANAGE GREEN SXP3 135  
39 36422 OS NOS 180/182 SXP3 135  
40 36423 O/S NO 186 SXP3 135  
41 36424 ADJ NO 6 ABNEY CL SXP3 135  
42 36425 OPP ARUNDEL AV SXP3 135 Y - ISOLATES 36424
43 36426 O/S NOS 200/202 SXP2 135  
44 36427 OS NOS 208/210 SXPL3 135  
45 36428 OPP NO 216 SXP3 135  
46 36429 O/S NO 224 SXP3 135  
47 36430 OPP WESTERN RD SXPL3 135 Y - ISOLATES 102282 AND 102283
48 36431 OPP NOS 230/232 SXP3 135  
49 36432 ON BRIDGE SXPL2 135  
51 36434 OPP NO 261 SXP3 135  
52 36435 OPP MUIRFIELD DR SXP3 135  
53 36436 OS NO 264 SXP3 135  
54 36437 OS NOS 277/279 SXP3 135  
55 36438 OS NO 274 SXP3 135  
56 36439 OS NO 285 SXP3 135  
57 36440 OS NO 286 SXP3 135  
58 36441 OS NO 297 SXP3 135  
59 36442 OS NO 286C SXP3 135  
60 36443 CNR ROUGH HEANOR R SXP3 135 Y - ISOLATES 102265 AND 102266
61 36444 OS NOS 299/301 SXP3 135  
62 36445 O/S NO 288 SXP3 135 Y - ISOLATES 36443
63 36446 OS NO 309 SXP3 135  
64 36447 OS NOS 300/302 SXP3 135  
65 36448 OS NO 317 SXP3 135  
66 36449 OS NOS 323/325 SXP3 135  
67 36450 O/S NOS 333/335 SXP3 135  
68 36451 OS NO 341 SXP3 135  
69 36452 OS NOS 347/349 SXP3 135  
70 36453 OS NO 357 SXPL3 135  
71 36454 OS NO 365 SOX 135  
72 36475 OS NO 358 SXP3 135  
73 36476 O/S NOS 371/373 SXP3 135  
74 36477 OS NO 366 SXP3 135  
75 36478 OPP NO 366 SXP3 135  
76 36479 O/S NO 372 SXP3 135  
77 36480 OPP NO 372 SXP3 135  
78 36481 OPP NOS 378/380 SXP1 135  
79 36482 OPP NO 380 SXP3 135  
80 36483 O/S CITY HOSPITAL SXP3 135  
81 36484 JUNC ISLAND SXP3 135  
82 102271 O/S COMMUNITY CENTRE T 100 Y - ISOLATES 102272
83 102272 O/S STEVE'S FISH BAR T 100 Y - ISOLATES 36394
84 102273 OPP B/ING SOCIETY FL 11  
87 102276 IS OPP KIPLING DR FL 8  
88 102277 IS OPP UTTOX RD FL 8  
89 102278 OPP NAGS HEAD PUB FL 11  
90 102279 OS FINA GARAGE FL 8  
91 102280 O/S NAGS HEAD P.H./NO 27 FL 8  
92 102281 O/S 200/202 FL 8  
93 102282 JUNC WESTERN ROAD FL 11  
94 102283 JUNC WESTERN ROAD FL 11  
95 102284 O/S NOS 263/265 FL 8  
96 102285 OS 277/279 FL 8  
97 102286 OS 274 FL 8  
98 102287 AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS FL 11  
99 102288 AT TRAFFIC LIGHTS FL 11  
100 102289 O/S NO 350 FL 8  
101 102290 OS 358 FL 8  
102 102291 OPP 366 FL 8  
103 102292 ON GREEN BY 30622T FL 8  
104 102293 ADJ L36483 JUNC IS FL 8  
105 99043 C/R OPP NO 366 FL 8  

The following photographs were taken on Saturday, 2nd April 2011.

As with the adjoining Etwall Road, Uttoxeter Road was once lit with 90 W SOX lanterns (historical photographic evidence suggests that these were GEC Z9454s) attached to 8 m columns; the majority of the columns being concrete. In the late 1980s, these columns were sleeved, which brought their overall height up to 10 m. 135 W SOX lanterns were then fitted to the new brackets. However, any 8 m tubular steel columns along the road were not replaced; thus, they remained fitted with a 90 W SOX lantern, at least for a while after the sleeving work was complete. Until mid-2003, an 8 m Stewart & Lloyd column supporting a Thorn Alpha 4 existed opposite the Vicarage Road junction. This was then replaced with a new 10 m column and another Alpha 4; this time, an integrally-geared, 135 W SOX version. Soon after the new column was installed, it was hit by a vehicle - the damage was not severe enough for the column to require replacement; however, it did spend the rest of its days with a 'Tamtorque' band holding the buckled door in place.


A Royce Thompson Monostar 1000 photocell was fitted to the Alpha 4.


The next column, the first concrete on the road, supported a remotely-geared Philips MA 50 until mid/late 2009. The MA 50s made up the vast majority of lanterns fitted to the sleeved columns along this road. A "PFI Spec" SGS 254 'large' Iridium was fitted after the MA 50 was damaged by an unknown source - the bowl and lamp were smashed, although the column itself did not show any signs of a vehicular collision.


A 150 W SON-T lamp was fitted in the Iridium; this being same wattage as the Iridiums already fitted to the new columns further along the road, which we will see later. Despite this, a new lantern would later be fitted to the replacement column here.


A couple of Thorn Alpha 8 (Mk3) lanterns had been fitted to the next two columns on Monday, 21st February 2005; the first replaced another MA 50. This column was finally removed from service on Saturday, 14th May 2011; the lantern was saved into my collection.


The Alpha 8s each ran a 250 W SON-T lamp; the higher wattage being used as a way of creating a negative contrast against pedestrians using the zebra crossing that straddled the two columns.


The second Alpha 8, installed on a Fabrikat column outside the former Mickleover School (and latterly, Mickleover Community Centre) replaced another integrally-geared Alpha 4, which itself replaced an integrally-geared MA 50 in August 2003 after the Philips lantern's ballast failed. Happily, the MA 50 was saved and now also resides in my collection. This column [lamp]post-dates the above inventory records; it being installed in 1998 (and numbered 129998). Prior to this, there was no column installed at this location.


The Belisha Beacons installed on the zebra crossing were also set to be replaced as part of this scheme. The bases of the new beacon poles can be seen adjacent the outgoing poles - they were still awaiting the "rest" of the post when these photographs were taken! Photographs of the replacement beacons can be seen on Page 1A.


The following column (another 1998 replacement, but one that replaced a concrete column at the same location, so it carries the original number of 36395) still retained its MA 50. This is how my MA 50 would have looked when in service. Although a weatherproof power socket can be seen attached to the column shaft, I cannot recall it ever actually powering an appliance. The socket was installed in order to power a portable CCTV camera (owing to a parade of shops being located opposite), but then never had a camera fitted.


Despite only being approximately thirteen years old when removed, the MA 50's GRP canopy looked somewhat weathered.


The next outgoing installation saw a return to concrete columns. The replacement column here is installed opposite, owing to the proximity of overhanging tree branches on this side of the road.


This lantern, being a few years older than the MA 50 above, looked a little more weathered. This lantern (and its control gear) were removed from service on Tuesday, 3rd May and later entered my collection. The column was also removed on the 14th May.


An identical setup followed for the next installation. Although the new column appears to be stretching the overhead telecommunications cable, this is actually just an optical illusion - the cable, in fact, passes in front of the column.


The lamp in this lantern was still fairly new; having been fitted in the latter months of 2010.


Three of the four outgoing columns installed around the Station Road / Kipling Drive roundabout remained at 8 m - as with the Alpha 4 column at the start of this page, their being of a tubular steel construction ensured that they were not replaced when the concrete columns were sleeved, and were therefore a legacy of the previous lighting scheme. All that changed was that integrally-geared MA 50s were fitted in place of the existing 90 W SOX lanterns. Even though MA 50s are not particularly heavy lanterns, the brackets had developed a noticeable lean in latter years, due to the cantilever action of the long lanterns.


Back in 2005, I commented that the next installation would probably be replaced as part of the Station Road relighting scheme; well, it wasn't as things turned out, but would disappear as part of this PFI scheme. The difference in height between the outgoing 8 m column and new 10 m column is very evident.


Only the front end of this lantern showed signs of significant moss growth on the canopy - perhaps the rest of the lantern became too warm during operation for the spores to sprout!


The 8 m column in approximately the north-eastern side of the roundabout was replaced in 2003/4 and a new 10 m column installed in its place - the new column also doubling up as a telecommunications mast. (Mickleover's elevated location makes it ideally suited for the placement of such masts, although the large number installed here since the early 2000s has not received exactly a universal welcome from residents.) The former column installed here supported a 135 W SOX Relite Hyperion 135 (also informally known as the 'Hyperion C'); perhaps, then, the roundabout had already been lit with 135 W SOX prior to the sleeving scheme. The MA 50 fitted to the column-cum-mast needed re-lamping fairly on in its life - the original lamp's outer bulb appeared to break shortly after the column was commissioned, causing the lantern to red-burn (as the heat losses from the now-un-insulated arc tube prevented the sodium from vaporising) until a fresh lamp was fitted. I wonder whether the mast's transmitters needed to be temporarily switched off while these repairs were undertaken. A replacement column is seen here, as the lantern would lose its power supply for this scheme; its use then solely being for telecommunications purposes.


The new column's spigot can just be seen in this picture:


The fourth column saw a return to 8 m mounting heights. The installation that looks to be supporting a classic post-top fluorescent lantern in the background is another mast. (In fact, the only really 'classic' thing in this picture is the Ford Cortina visible in the car park of The Nag's Head pub!)


At the time of photographing, this lantern was inoperative...but then again, it is pictured in daylight, so this is expected. However, it was also inoperative after nightfall - the lamp's electrodes look somewhat blackened, so a new lamp would probably have sufficed in getting the lantern into lighting again, but with the lantern's removal from service being imminent, there would be little point in arranging repairs at this late stage.


The four 'turn left' signs on the roundabout would also be replaced for this scheme. The outgoing signlight units consisted of two Pearce Gowshall L68/25s, one Truesigns T8C and a Forest City LA428. The relatively short posts occasionally invited a certain amount of unwanted attention from hilarious people who would rotate the signlight units, sign plates or both, in order that they faced in a different direction to how they should have been positioned - only time will tell over whether the new posts (each supporting a Simmonsigns 'LUA' LED signlight unit) will be more resilient to these onslaughts. The white stakes visible on the roundabout used to support banners that advertised either "Derby in Bloom", or the company that had sponsored the planting on the roundabout at the time.









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